Innovations in plastics. Durable and attractive.


Vinylit – Innovative in plastic façade systems.



Vinylit has reinvented the plastic façade.
During the last decades, Vinylit has significantly contributed to the renewal of this façade market. No other manufacturer of rainscreen cladding systems made of plastic can boast to have such a range of products as varied composed of durable materials and with so many colors.

Vinylit offers you what you need (in one go/at once) : Façade profiles, substructures, roof edge coatings, insulation materials and all the accessories required for the installation. Moreover, we are proud to offer you products that are environmentally friendly. Indeed, our scrap products are returned in the factory to a new production process. This allows us to protect the environment and the land resources sustainably.


Light Ivory

Achat Grey


Basalt Grey

Quarz Grey

Brillant Blue

Natural Oak

Light Oak

Stripe Douglas


Wine Red

Moss Green