Façades for houses in need of renovations. Easy to clean and energy-efficient.

Older properties have a very high cost.
The gables must be regularly cleaned, changed, improved. Moreover, old houses are incredible energy guzzler - energy efficiency? No question. Vinylit Façade systems are absolutely easy-care, extremely durable and allow to save - optimally insulated - up to 50% of heating energy.

Façades for new buildings.
Modern and ecologically designed.

Architectural final touch.
New buildings must respect many criteria related to the energy laws. In these configurations, companies often find themselves with limited choice of combination in terms of insulation, customization and harmonization. And it’s sadly often the eco-balance left to be desired. The façade systems proposed by Vinylit offer many possibility of customization, are free from harmful substances and the use of recycled materials helps to save valuable raw materials. 

Façades for commercial buildings.
Economical and durable.

Greater strengh for greater durability.
Even small and medium sized structures must deal with certain energetic criteria and meet certain standards. This applies to the building structure as well as the façade. No company can afford a general renovation every years. Vinylit Façade systems are extremely durable, weatherproof and easy to clean. They save precious energy, that means it can save in time your cash.