Vinylit Systems have almost unlimited possibilities.

Whether façade profiles in stone, render, wood or brick structure whether diagonal, vertical, horizontal or combined installation, covered all over in modern colours or designed in partial areas, Vinylit can give (almost) always a response to your needs.

 Laying forms

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal or combined.

Façade systems from Vinylit offer you a lot of variation and design possibilities. Apart from colours, shapes and surfaces, the laying form plays a significant role.

Vinylit offers a multitude of design options.
The look of a façade is influenced significantly by whether the façade profiles are laid vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Often a building’s architecture defines the laying form. Combinations of several laying forms have a special appeal. The visual impression can be further increased by using different surface textures or colours.

Vertical laying direction
The vertical profile installation is particularly suited for wide areas where, e.g. porches should appear higher than they actually are.

Horizontal laying direction
The horizontal profile installation effectively conveys the appearance of façade cladding technique that has been proven for  centuries.

Diagonal laying direction
A diagonal installation direction is suitable when a part of the façade is to be set apart from the rest. Especially in combination with a conventional render façade, attractive effects can be achieved and particular building sections can be particularly enhanced.

 Sectional cladding

Standard façade was yesterday. Set new highlights.

With Vinylit façade systems you can accentuate individual building sections. For example with profiles in bold colours or with surfaces that stand out.

Support the architecture of your house.
Give your entrance areas, built-on terrace or dormers a very special touch. Individual building sections get particular emphasis with an additional profile in a complementary colour.

Sectional cladding porch
Sectional claddings set visual highlights, as can be seen in the example of this porch. This effect is rounded off by the selection of a conspicuous colour.

Sectional cladding weather side (gable)
Gable claddings are very popular especially in combination with a classic render façade. This critical building section is particularly well protected against moisture and atmospheric influences by virtue of the rainscreen façade.

Base cladding & roofline system

Detail solutions such as cladding in the gable and roof area and at the base are possible with system accessories in a matching colour. However, not only the appearance is important, but also the protection from wind and weather. A gable or roofline system or base cladding protect your house for many years.

 Colour mix

The choice is yours - Show your colours.

Colour is trendy. Vinylit offers a wide range of colours. Whether monochrome, red, blue, anthracite or with a wood finish. We continuously update and expand our colour range.

Colour your façade.
Diversified designs can be realised from detached houses to entire residential buildings using product combinations. The colour diversity is geared to the selected profiles and the respective surfaces.

vinyPlus Facade
The vinyPlus programme is available in classic RAL colours and many different wood textures and colours.

vinyTherm Facade
The colour range of the unique natural stone surfaces of vinyTherm is determined by the natural colours of the incorporated stones. The decorative colour tones lend your house an attractive and individual touch.

viny Brick Facade
Our impact-proof brick façades made from polyester fibre glass available in the classic brick colours and patterns.

 Colours and surfaces mix

Customize your façade. Mix colours and surfaces.

Does a façade always have to be monochrome? Rainscreen systems from Vinylit open up completely new possibilities when it comes to designing façades.

Simply mix profiles of different colours with each other.
For example vinyPlus creme white with vinyPlus in the wood colour golden oak. Or mix profiles in dark wood colours with natural stone profiles in light colours. Or vinyStone Design with natural stone in Granit, Helios and Basalt. This turns the built-on terrace of a new construction into a real eye-catcher, or, in case of a building renovation, converts a dull façade into a gem.