Everything goes together.

For each type of cladding proposed by Vinylit (color and texture), there is a corresponding edge board.

For roof, window and doors. Textured like wood. Does not warp like wood.

Are you fed up of paying every few years for scaffolding and painters? However, you would like to keep the wood texture in hard to reach spots?



No more overhead painting!
vinyPlus DRP fascia boards are made from high-quality plastics and coated with a UV-resistant film. This translates to the best durability, resistance to rotting and insect infestation. Furthermore it saves you regular repeated coating. Combined with the vinyPlus shiplap and round profiles, they are particularly suited for claddings in the gable and roof edge area - as verge cladding or eaves cladding, as facing for the completion of a flat roof or for a soffit. The roof Fascia boards line profiles, however, can also be used in the area of window reveals and door reveals or as facing of base projections.

Multiple use
Roof edge cladding allows creating a visual and structural cohesion between the roof and the profiles installed. They are also used for windows and doors.

White ca. RAL 9010

Cream White
ca. RAL 9001

Dark Green
ca. RAL 6009

Dark Red ca. RAL 3011

Steel Blue ca. RAL 5011

Light Grey ca. RAL 7035

Anthracite Grey
ca. RAL 7016

Mountain Pine

Golden Oak

Anteak Grey

Grey approx. RAL 7001

Basalt grey
approx. RAL 7012