Whether renovation or new build.
Multipanels are inspiring.

Vinylit Multipanels are mainly used in the restauration of old buildings and façades.
However, they also lend a modern, attractive appearance to many new buildings.

Persistant, easy care and extremely durable.
The ideal solution for the fa
çade renovation of old buildings. Easily and quickly installed, every old building gets a new, permanently beautiful face with Vinylit Multipanels. Particularly with regard to new constructions Multipanel façades with wood texture are an attractive option against timber and render. Vinylit Multipanels are made of high-grade plastics in an environmentally-friendly manner. While conventionally painted façades have to be repainted regularly, Vinylit Multipanels stay in shape for many years.

choose a colour

 Design options

Design options.
Manifold and inspiring.

Laying forms.
Usually Vinylit Multipanels are laid horizontally.
However they can also be placed vertically or

Sectional claddings.
Place emphasis on certain building parts by cladding with Vinylit Multipanels.

Colour mix.
Colour variations do make a building more interesting and unique.




Vinylit Multipanels

Vinylit Multipanels.
The Profiles are made from high-grade plastics. The rectangular design and the wood texture contribute to a modern layout of the façade. The low weight and the tongue and groove connection system make the installation of the Multipanels fast and easy.