Modelled on nature. Multi-layered like wood. More durable than wood.

You would like to turn your stone house into a wooden house? Your façade should radiate warmth and naturalness?

Protect our forests from deforestation!
vinyPlus profiles consist of 100% recycled plastic, coated with a UV-resistant film. The profiles offer all design possibilities of natural wood. vinyPlus façade systems are absolutely free from softeners and poisonous substances such as biocides. The profiles are washable and colourfast. Regular coating with protective wood colour can be omitted once and for all. By virtue of the rainscreen façade the masonry remains permanently dry, warm in winter and cool in summer. The tongue and groove system can be installed in a fast and clean manner.

Choose a color

 Design options

Design options.
Multiple and dynamic.

Laying forms.
Vertically, horizontally, diagonally or combined. Almost all combinations are possible.

Sectional claddings.
Unit facade was yesterday. Cover only a portion of your home can give a new aesthetic accent to your house.

Colour mix.
A combination of colors and textures can create a unique facade.


vinyPlus Profiles

vinyPlus Shiplap profile.
The Shiplap profile was especially designed for the construction of a classic shiplap cladding, which has proven very successful in the gable area.

vinyPlus Round profile.
The Round profile was especially designed for vertical wood clad-dings. Profiles of different colours combined with each other create an incredible visual intensity. Round profiles are also suited for the design of additional storeys, dormers and gable ends.

vinyPlus Batten profile.
The batten profile in combination with round profiles is excellently suited for a vertically installed floor-cap cladding. This type of cladding effectively prevents any water or vermins entering the masonry.

The board & batten cladding ensures more depth, by installing special batten profiles alternating with round profiles. Even two or three round profiles can be installed between batten profiles.