Economical alternative. Graceful like wood. More efficient than wood.

Are you thinking about giving your house an attractive façade and insulate it at the same time? However, you would not like to resort to the most expensive solution?

Save energy with rainscreen façades.
vinyTop façade profiles made from plastic are UV-resistant, highly durable and resistant against rotting and insect infestation. The profiles are mainly installed horizontally, whereby the profile contour and surface with embossed wood grain pattern correspond to traditional shiplap cladding. The vinyTop façade system is a low-cost solution for cladding house walls, garages and garden houses. The low weight makes them particularly suited for installation at hard to reach spots. With a corresponding substructure, vinyTop façade profiles are excellently suited for rainscreen façade.

Choose a color

 Design options

Design options.
Multiple and dynamic.

Laying forms.
Usually Vinylit vinyTop profiles are laid horizontally, but an other laying is possible.

Sectional claddings.
Unit facade was yesterday. Cover only a portion of your home can give a new aesthetic accent to your house.

Colour mix.
A combination of colours and textures can create a unique facade.


vinyTop Profile

vinyTop Shiplap profile.
Profile contour and the surface embossed with wood grain pattern give the impression of traditional wooden shiplap cladding. In combination with a substructure, rainscreen façades can be realised with or without additional insulation.