Brick facing all-around. Impact-proof like brick. Much lighter than brick.

Do you love houses with a chic brick façade? However, you would like to comply with the directives of the new energy saving schemes in your new house?

Opt for a high thermal insulation!
vinyBrick façade profiles offer an outstanding energy balance. The rainscreen façade converts your house almost into an energy-saving house with appropriate insulation. Furthermore, the robust material made from polyester with fiber glass reduces the building physics load on the old façade. As standard, the elements have a low-maintenance, smoothly lacquer-coated surface. Naturally there is also a higher quality coating - the so-called "True-Stone" effect lets you see and feel “real stone”. The elements are available in different colours and patterns.

Choose a color

 Design options

Design options.
Multiple and dynamic.

Laying forms.
Usually Vinylit vinyBrick façade elements are laid horizontally.

Sectional claddings.
For example, with a combination of vinyBrick and vinyTherm on the base surface.

Colour mix.
A combination of colors and textures can create a unique facade.


vinyBrick Profile

vinyBrick Standard.
vinyBrick façade elements are made from impact-proof and robust polyester with fiber glass. The standard surface consists of a low-maintenance; smooth lacquer coating, which is available in five different colours.

vinyBrick Truestone.
vinyBrick Truestone consists of a higher grade coating. The Truestone effect conveys the impression to see and feel real stone. Available in three colours.