Stone meets plastics. Profile with a natural stone coating.

Have you ever dreamed of a house covered by a natural stone texure?

Enjoy the fascination of a façade made with a natural stone coating.
The high quality natural stone granules vinyStone profiles are weatherproof, maintenance-free, easy to clean and durable. The rainscreen façade, in combination with an insulation will give you an excellent energy balance, prevent damp walls and mold formation.. This product is available in 16 different colors.

Choose a color

 Design options

Design options.
Mutiple and dynamic.

Laying forms
Usually vinyStone Design are laid horizontally.

Sectional claddings.
Unit facade was yesterday. Cover only a portion of your home can give a new aesthetic accent to your house.

Colour mix.
Create your own personalization with different shades to enrich your house.


vinyStone Design

vinyStone Design.
Stone surfaces with a natural appearance and decorative colours open a variety of individual design variants