Much more durable than render.

Vinylit façade systems with render looks remarkably real. Since the profiles are based on plastic, they are extremely durable. Furthermore, the low weight and the « tongue and groove » locking system allow quick and easy installation.


Timeless render surface.
Looks like render. As natural as render.

Increase the value of your real estate!
The vinyTherm profiles coated with high-grade natural stone granules are weather-proof, maintenance-free, easy-care and durable.. The profiles are available in several variants and textures. Closely joined, the profiles convey the appearance of a closed render surface.

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 Vinylit Multipanels

Old buildings are turned into new ones.
Looks like tiles. Tiles in render texture.


The perfect protection for the building structure.
Vinylit Multipanels with render texture are made from high-grade plastics in an environmentally-friendly manner. This also means that no harmful, mould-delaying paints enter the soil. The rainscreen façade prevents the formation of mould in a natural way.

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