Timeless render surface. Looks like render. As natural as render.

Do the ravages of time take their toll on your house? Is the render eroding, are the coats of paint fading or are you missing a contemporary thermal insulation?

Increase the value of your real estate!
The vinyTherm profiles coated with high-grade natural stone granules are weather-proof, maintenance-free, easy-care and durable. The rainscreen façade ensures, in combination with an insulation, an excellent energy balance and prevents moist walls and the formation of mould. The profiles are available in several variants and textures and in up to 16 colours. Closely joined, the profiles convey the appearance of a closed render surface. Profiles with bevel edge, laid horizontally or vertically, allow, for example, the highlighting of gables and entrance areas.

Choose a color

 Design options

Design options.
Multiple and dynamic.

Laying forms.
Basicly joined vertically, it allows to create a closed render surface. Bevelled profiles can also be installed horizontally.

Sectional claddings.
Unit facade was yesterday. Cover only a portion of your home can give a new aesthetic accents to your house.

Colour mix.
A combination of colors and textures can create a unique facade.


vinyTherm Profile

vinyTherm Profile.
The surfaces of the profiles are made of high-quality natural stone granules, which comes from different European marble, quartz, limestone or granit quarries, depending on the colour.