Durable, easy to maintain and sustainable.

Vinylit claddings are in harmony with the environment.

Recycled plastic can be so beautiful.
Plastic forms the basis of Vinylit claddings. Predominantly we use recycled plastic granules and recyclable PVC for production. The materials have a high degree of hardness, are waterproof and easy to maintain. Many colors or textures are available and it offers you an array of choices regarding the design and customization of your home.

Respectful with your home and the environment.
Vinylit façade systems are ecologically exemplary and do not contain harmful substances. We are also owner of the Eco-label.

 Durable, plastic, environmental protection


Enjoy your façade (for) a long time.
The materials used Vinylit have a significantly longer lifetime than conventional materials. They are virtually indestructible, withstand cold and keep their fresh colors into old age. If the dismantling of cladding is necessary, each profile will be recyclable (except vinyBrick).


Discover the advantages of PVC.
Rigid PVC has proven itself in the construction industry as siding, window or roof ledge. The durability and resistance from this material offer you an excellent insulation property.

Environmental protection

Take part in protection of the environment.
Optimal insulation on a common residential building reduces energy consumption and the greenhouse gases (CO²) emissions by up to 50%. Furthermore, each piece of cladding can be removed and recycled to respect the environment as much.

 Energy efficiency, biocidal free (without biocide), anti-mold

Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy costs.
75% of household energy costs can be saved through insulation of living spaces. Moreover, all cladding manufactured by Vinylit meet the energy standards related to new regulations.

Biocidal free (without biocide)

Our fight against biocide/Say no to pollutants.
Many companies use biocides on their profiles to kill algae or fungal spores that can appear over time. However, the rain results in runoff of the latter on the ground and a penetration into the groundwater! None of the products manufactured in our factories has its pollutants. We prefer to use natural material as stone products on vinyTherm for example.


Provide healthy living spaces.
Rainscreen systems are not placed directly on the wall, but separated by a gap from the insulation. This system create an air circulation that allow to prevent mold growth and will dissipate moisture.

 Resistant to birds, soundproofing, recycling

Resistant to birds

Repel woodpeckers in nature.
Birds found in our installation which are equipped with conventional thermal insulation materials, ideal conditions for the construction of their nests. They can have impact strength of 30.0 kJ / m², however they have no chance to break a clad façade Vinylit.


Keep in every situation the rest.
Depending on the insulation type you have chosen, a reduction of sound up to 11 decibels can be observed. The high sound insulating properties of vinyTherm facades were examined and confirmed by the Engineering Company for Technical Acoustics according to DIN EN 20140-3.


Please help us save valuable raw material.
The granules and plastics that are used in our factories come from recycled materials. Moreover we have our own internal recycling system, all our failures and waste are reintegrated into our production system. The waste rate discarded by our company is below 1%.

 Protection of buildings, indoor environment, Warranty (guarantee)/Maintenance free

Protection of buildings

Think about the next generation !
Our rainscreen façades are built with clear separation between the supporting structure, thermal insulation and masonry. This contributes to the stability of the building.

Indoor environment

Do everything to feel comfortable.
Moisture in the masonry affects the warmth of your wall and thus that of the interior your home. Due to the constant air circulation regulate by our rainscreen facades, we guarantee you a pleasant indoor climate.

Warranty (guarantee)/Maintenance free

You will never paint again your exterior.
Vinylit used high quality plastics that are extremely weather-resistant and easy to clean. Regular brushing is now unnecessary and soiling can be removed easily with a high pressure cleaner. Depending on the system, we offer 5-30 year warranty.